It’s 2020 and we are alllll about implementing new & positive habits in our life.  After all, life is about progression, right?  We’ve rounded up 3 of our absolute must-haves to start this decade off right.

What better way to kickoff your new year, new you routine with yoga?  The ultimate workout that not only supports the body, but our minds and souls too.  In fact, CNN reported that yoga can boost your body’s production of two hormones essential to cultivating happiness, health, and feelings of calmness. Oxytocin, aka “the cuddle hormone,” can make you feel closer to your loved ones, decrease your stress, and improve your overall wellness.  We are so down for that.

Whether you’re new to yoga or you are continuing your yoga practice, a high-quality, long-lasting yoga mat will be your best friend.  Check out our favorite yoga mats of all time; they aren’t only beautiful (printed with fade resistant water based inks), they are also biodegradable (yes, you read that right) and no slipping over here…they have a non-slip, textured surface which especially helps in hot yoga.

Choose from 6 different designs:

Next on our list is Daily Cleanse, a plant-based formula that’s full of superstar ingredients that work to detoxify the body from deep inside, helping to clear the skin, lungs, liver, bowel and kidneys from nasty toxins.  This is a great way to reset not only the body, but complexion too!  Daily Cleanse helps to get rid of toxins that can cause breakouts and it helps boost immunity, which is especially important during these colder months.

Grab yourself a bottle here:

What better time that to start using a natural deodorant?  Most conventional deodorants/anti-persperants have aluminum in the ingredients which is very harmful, as it blocks the sweat glands which prevents toxins to be eliminated through our armpits…yikes.  Not only that, a lot of conventional deodorants have carcinogens and parabens that are linked to several illnesses, such as cancer and alzheimer’s disease.  No one wants these chemicals seeping into their skin, which is why we experimented for years to find the best of the best natural deodorants.

We are sending positive vibes your way to encourage a happy and successful 2020 for you!


Urban Pearl Collective