As a society, we tend to neglect our lips, but they need the most love out of anything!  We move them, wipe them, and expose them to all kinds of liquids & foods……  Give them a little TLC to prevent signs of aging and chapped/irritated lips.  Here’s how:

Get ready, this is a three-stepper, but it’s quick!

Step 1- Exfoliate! 

Because we take lip care so seriously, we have curated three different flavors and applications based on your preference:


First of all, who doesn’t love rose?  Lip Buff will meet all of your expectations of both a rose scented scrub, and powerful exfoliation.

Lip Buff by Salt by Hendrix


BYBI Beauty’s Buffer is perfect for applying throughout the day because of the tube you can throw in your purse.  You can apply it directly to your lips, so you don’t have to worry about transferring any winter germs if your in public.

Urban Pearl Collective x BYBI Beauty Plumper


This coconut oil & shea butter base feels so luxurious!  It removes dead skin, but it also moisturizes soooooo well, leaving lips minty fresh!

Urban Pearl Collective x Cocovit Mint Lip Polish

TIP:  This is perfect to use every night before bed!  It also tastes yummy after brushing your teeth too!

Step 2- Moisturize!

Now that you have exfoliated your lips, it’s time for some mega moisturizing.  

These are our favorite products to follow up with:

Salt by Hendrix’s plant-based lip butter delivers ultra hydration and gloss.  This lasts hours without having to reapply.

Urban Pearl Collective x Salt by Hendrix Lip Butter

Orange & Basil Lip Balm helps promote collagen production and moisturizes with a little bit of flavor.

Urban Pearl Collective x Cocovit Orange Basil Lip Balm

Lip Conditioner is so easy for the girl-on-the-go!  Throw it in your purse and you have a luxe lip moisturizer at your fingertips!  This is a very smooth & silky lip conditioner.

Collective x Vapour Beauty Lip Conditioner

Flynn & King’s Recover lip balms are not only super hydrating, but they taste yummy without any of those addictive yucky ingredients you find in a lot of the mainstream chapsticks.  Choose from two different scents: Vanilla Mint & Orange Lavender.

Urban Pearl Collective x Flynn & King Recover Balm

Last Step!

Add a little color (and extra hydration) with Vapour Beauty’s velvet lip gloss.  This is actually infused with green tea. Yes, you read right. Makeup with benefits really revs our engines!

Urban Pearl Collective x Vapour Beauty Velvet Lip Gloss

Or, if you’re more of a lip gloss kinda girl, give Elixir Lip glosses a try!  These long-lasting lip glosses are not only beautiful and hydrating, they are also infused with antioxidants like Green Tea, Goji and Açaí Berry, along with rejuvenating botanicals include nourishing Myrrh, restorative Lemon Balm, soothing Iceland Moss and hydrating Jojoba Oil.  Gimme, gimme, yes, please!

Urban Pearl Collective x Vapour Beauty Elixir Lip Gloss

For a pouty plump:  The one & only, Plumper!  This yummy-tasting, glossy lip plumper is easy for application throughout the entire day.

  • Hydrates
  • Restores
  • Protects
  • Adds a touch of plumped shine 
BYBI Beauty Lip Plumper at Urban Pearl Collective

And there you go!  Perfectly, kissable, lips for the entire winter!