You know the saying “Work smarter, not harder?”  It’s a good one, right?!  We thought, instead of implementing a ton of changes into your routine (which usually fade away pretty quickly for most of us), why not just make a few effortless, easy changes to your habits that already exist? ?

Heck yeah, sign us up!

Check out these easy, breezy swaps to help you get healthier:

1- Switch from conventional deodorant to a natural deodorant.

We all have heard the dangers of certain ingredients present in many mainstream deodorants & antiperspirants…(ahem…aluminum).  2019 is the year to detox those underarms!  Winter is a great time to do so, while your underarms get used to a new formula.

We suggest trying the Charcoal Underarm Detox Kit to help with a seamless transition!

2- Swap out your regular coffee for mushroom coffee.

Mushroom Coffee has so many amazing benefits to help you get through the day!

If that isn’t enough to persuade you, mushroom coffee contains less caffeine, which means less to none jitters!

Mushroom Coffee Cup - Four Sigmatic

3- Change out your cotton pillowcase for a silk pillowcase.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase doesn’t only feel fancy AF, but it also provides several benefits for the skin, hair and even your body temperature!

  • Unlike cotton, which absorbs dirt and oil causing breakouts (no, thank you!), silk retains moisture, keeping your skin and hair hydrated while you get your beauty sleep.
  • Silk naturally reduces friction, which avoids your skin form getting tugged throughout the night, possibly minimizing wrinkles from forming.
  • Nobody wants to wake up with bedhead hair!  Because of the lack of friction from silk fabric, you can avoid hair breakage, split ends and waking up with tangled knots.
  • Silk is a natural hypoallergenic, which is great for sensitive skin.
  • Since silk naturally regulates heat, it can help your body temperature stay exactly where it should be all night long.

Check out our Shhh Silk pillowcases!

Shhh Silk Silver Pillowcase w3b

4- Switch to a CBD infused facial oil.

CBD beauty, it’s all the rage and for good reason!  There are so many benefits this beautiful ingredient provides.

  • Promotes collagen production
  • Smooths, protects and unclogs pores
  • Hydrates and improves skin texture
  • Improves elasticity
  • Helps fight acne
  • Helps prevent wrinkles
  • Protects from free radicals
  • Promotes bright & glowing skin

This is by far, the best CBD oil we have come across so far…which is why we added it to our collection!  It is infused with a plethora of nourishing oils loaded with antioxidants, such as squalane, rosehip, jojoba, moringa, vitamin E, just to name a few.  And of course, it’s star ingredient is Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Extract (CBD) and no it will not make you high, we promise!

It smells INCREDIBLE and can be used as a facial oil, body oil and hair oil.  We love a good multi-use product that not only works, but gives us more bang for our buck!

CBD Beauty Oil

5- Swap one shower per week for a bath.

One of the best ways to unwind, destress and get some “me” time is a good ole fashion bath!  This isn’t only good for your mind, it’s also amazing for your body.  Our skin, the largest organ we have, needs a little TLC from time to time too!

Check out these incredible bath soaks, here!

Let us know any other swaps that have been working for you!! ?