Welcome to our first Influencer Limelight series!  We are kicking off this series by introducing you to one of our favorite holistic nutrition & health coaches, Savanna Jimenez!

Savanna Jimenez

We are crushing on Savanna for a few reasons; she keeps it real, which we all can appreciate in this new “social media” driven world, right?!  She promotes body love and shares stories about her own experiences that many of us can relate to.  If you check out her beauuuutiful instagram ➡️ {check it out here} you will find a lot of positivity and inspiration!  And, it doesn’t stop there, the delicious recipes she shares are to die for!  Not only do her creations look amazing, they are always healthy and she always elevates her recipes with some valuable tips & tricks!  Check out this delectable Chocolate Raspberry Doughnuts– *YUM*

Chocolate Raspberry Doughnuts by Savanna Jimenez

We recently caught up with Savanna to talk about all things wellness…check out the interview below!

What inspired your passion for clean eating & wellness?

I grew up in a household where we ate buckwheat pancakes and wheat bread, and our meals never came out of a box. My Mom and Dad definitely weren’t the “norm” at that time, but they just marched to the beat of their own drum! I didn’t appreciate it enough when I was a kid, but looking back it’s pretty cool to think about. They are definitely the foundation for my passion of clean eating and healthy living!”

What is some advice you could give to someone that is looking to change to healthier eating habits?

Pick one thing you’d like to change and stick with that for a few weeks. Maybe it’s adding spinach to your smoothie in the morning, trying to cut down on added sugars, or maybe you’d like to get 10 minutes of walking in a day- whatever it is start small and stick with that before adding on to it. I think a lot of people get overwhelmed when trying to start healthy habits because there is so much information out there, but starting small and building slowly is the best way to me! You will get burned out quickly if you go too extreme and try to suddenly change everything at once.”

What is your favorite ingredient to cook with and why?

“OMG this is so hard! I am always cooking with tons of spices and herbs, but if I have to pick I’d say nutritional yeast. I know it doesn’t sound pleasant, but it is a plant based nutrient that adds a cheesy/creamy aspect to your dishes! I love throwing it on fresh popped popcorn, baked kale chips, steamed broccoli, in my salad dressings or on roasted veggies with olive oil, tahini, salt, pepper and cayenne.”

What is your favorite workout to compliment your healthy eating habits?

“I am a low impact workout girl! I love barre, pilates (reformer and megaformer), yoga, walking, hiking and cycling!”

What is your favorite wellness podcast to listen to?

“I love MindBodyGreen Podcast, The Doctor’s Farmacy and The Skinny Confidential (sometimes wellness, sometimes not but either way, it’s always great!)”

What is your favorite product/brand at Urban Pearl Collective?

“I am currently loving the organic rose petals!! I never knew how beneficial rose was to ingest (I love it for skin too!) and have had so much fun experimenting with it! I’ve made rose petal protein pancakes and brewed rose tea so far and both were so delicious!”

Where can everyone find you?

“My website is savannajimenez.com and my Instagram is @savjimenez.”