It’s officially fall which means pumpkin spice latte season!  Butttttt, instead of giving you more pumpkin recipes to add to your recipe box, we are going to share some delicious, guiltless, healthy drinks you can enjoy these warm & cozy fall mornings, afternoons and evenings.

☕ For the morning:

The perfect “immunity in a cup,” this delicious and unique coffee helps to kickstart your morning by increasing energy, productivity and creativity with a little help from our immunity-boosting mushroom friends, Lion’s Mane and Chaga.  (And I know what you’re thinking…don’t worry, it tastes like a delightful cup of coffee (fruity + medium roast), not mushrooms!!).  With only 50 mg of caffeine, this powerful cuppa jo is easy peasy to make.  They come in individual packets so you can rip it open, pour the coffee into your mug and add hot water…and voilà!

Mushroom Coffee Healthy Fall Drinks at Urban Pearl Collective

But if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to elevate the coffee experience a little bit.  I was inspired by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick (The Skinny Confidential) to purchase a milk frother to make an enhanced almond milk froth for my morning pick me up.  This is what you do:

1- Pour your packet of coffee into a mug.  Boil Water.

2- While you’re waiting for the water to boil, pour some almond milk into your frother and add some extra nutrition with your favorite superbooster.  The most delicious concoction that we are really into right now for the fall, is a scoop of inulin (chicory root / artichoke prebiotic powder with TONS of fiber, 1 tbsp of Moon Juice’s cacao powder (packed with antioxidants and tastes like just like chocolate) and 1/2 teaspoon of Moon Juice’s Pearl Powder (packed with calcium to help with hair, nails, and skin health).

3- Grab your hot water, pour it in with your coffee, give it a quick stir and pour your froth over it…and now you have yourself a Starbucks worthy coffee drink without the sugars but instead packed with healthy ingredients to keep you running strong during this cold season!

*TIPPITY TIP: This can also be made as an iced coffee- get yourself an iced nitro coffee (you can grab cans of this at your local grocery store), pour on ice, froth the same recipe on “cold” and pour into your cold coffee.

Thank you Lauryn for sharing this hack with us!

*TIPPITY TIP 2:  This would work with the matcha latte, golden milk latte and the cacao’s as well!  (Minus the cacao powder!)

🍵 For an afternoon pick me up:

Matcha, matcha, matcha!  The superstar of tea, the perfect punch of flavor, satisfaction and most of all antioxidants!  This amazing beverage is perfect for the afternoon because it boosts energy (it has 25 mg of caffeine in it, so it won’t keep you up all night) and is exploding with health benefits to keep your immune system sky high.  Matcha is believed to prevent many types of serious illnesses (including cancer), along with keeping the skin clear, brain function on point and protecting the liver.

Matcha at Urban Pearl Collective

Just like coffee, matcha can be enjoyed as a hot drink or a cold drink.  Some ideas to add to your matcha to elevate the benefits:  cinnamon, monk fruit, vanilla extract or vanilla powder, pearl powder, collagen powder, just to name a few.

TIPPITY TIPS:  We like to add collagen to our matcha!  Take some Collagen Love capsules, open it and pour into matcha or the milk froth used for a matcha latte.  There are a couple reasons why we prefer this:
#1- Sooo easy to travel with
#2- Leaves no mess to clean up
#3- Flexibility with daily collagen intake- can use capsules or put capsules in smoothies or lattes!

For a cozy evening:

Not only doesn’t the name Golden Milk sound dreamy, it’s deliciously heart-warming and it’s also loaded with so many health and beauty benefits!  This light and creamy caffeine-free drink helps contribute to healthy & glowing skin and supports overall well-being.  Turmeric helps keep inflammation down and tulsi helps calm the mind, making this our go-to choice for a nightcap.

Golden Milk Latte at Urban Pearl Collective

There are a couple ways to enjoy a great golden milk latte.

#1- Mix with warm water (and add a frothy warm milk on top)
#2- Mix with your milk of choice for an creamier texture.  TIPPITY TIP: For an even creamier consistency, add a tsp of coconut oil
#3- Whisk with cold milk or water for an iced golden milk latte

Some superboosters that go well with Golden Milk: ginger, vanilla extract or powder, coconut oil, cinnamon powder

TIPPITY TIP 2- Always make sure your golden milk latte has black pepper in it; if it doesn’t, just add a little bit.  Black pepper helps the turmeric absorb into your body.  You don’t want to miss out on the amazing benefits of turmeric!