Rose Matcha Latte with Collagen

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If you're matcha obsession is real (or if you are new to the matcha world), you will definitely love this recipe, along with the amazing health benefits! Here's a quick rundown on what matcha, rose, collagen and manuka honey (the star ingredients in this latte) can do for you: Collagen Love helps with keeping [...]

9 Beauty Supplements that Will Spark your Glow from the Inside, Out

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Beauty comes from’s a saying you’ve probably heard for years, and it’s true in many different ways.  Today, we are filling you in on some of the best Hum Nutrition beauty supplements that nourish from the inside, out, and the best part about it is you can choose which one is best for [...]

The Powerful Beauty Benefits of Turmeric

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Turmeric, it’s all the rage these days...and for good reason.  This powerful spice has been used in ancient medicine for thousands of years and has all kinds of magical benefits, for both health and skin.  Besides it’s miraculous ability to fight inflammation, reduce the risk of cancer, promote heart health, aide digestion and boost [...]

How to Keep your Lips Soft & Kissable all Winter Long

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As a society, we tend to neglect our lips, but they need the most love out of anything!  We move them, wipe them, and expose them to all kinds of liquids &  Give them a little TLC to prevent signs of aging and chapped/irritated lips.  Here's how: Get ready, this is a three-stepper, [...]